CH-Profile2 blueI’m Craig Harffey, tech evangelist,  business owner and information junkie.
After 10 years in IT management, most of it within investment banking, I quit corporate life to co-found Coredis, delivering my vision of IT consultancy.  In late 2015 I also became co-owner of UiDIGITAL as a platform to further explore ideas for online services and bring a different style to the delivery of web projects.
Clichés aside, I love my work as it gives me true personal freedom to experiment within my interest areas of technology, collaboration and productivity to allow us to be quicker and more agile than our competition.



This year I’ve been trying to introduce some agile  / kanban techniques to the team at Coredis.  We are in the main a distributed work force, with staff on based on client sites and working across multiple locations.  Whilst we have a well-established toolkit of applications to work together (Slack messaging, Google Apps, Skype) – the […]


One of my guilty pleasures is watching The Apprentice, although I know it will result in some serious telly-shouting when my patience with these strutting, attention-seeking peacocks runs out, leaving me a frothing mess of expletives….brilliant fun.  BBC One, 9pm – been counting down the hours all day. ……except tonight I’ve missed it.  I nipped […] homepage slider1